Poultry farm/Greenhouse ventilation system glass negative pressure fan

Type: Axial Flow Fan

Electric Current Type: AC

Mounting: Wall Fan

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Place of Origin: Henan, China

Brand Name: Golden Egg

Model Number: Golden Egg-1260

Voltage: 380V

Power: 0.75-10kw

Air Volume: 40000m3/h

Speed: 1400-3300 R/min

Certification: CCC, ce, CSA, GS, RoHS, UL

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Product name: Poultry farm/Greenhouse ventilation system glass negative pressure fan

Application: Exhaust Ventilation

Size: 1260*1260*560mm

Name: glass negative pressure fan

Usage: Industry Greenhouse

Color: Silver

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Item: Industrial Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

Product type: Exhoust Fan

Material: Steel

Supply Ability Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Day Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details According to customer requirements Port qingdao Lead Time According to customer requirements

MT 600-1530 mm Factory Greenhouse Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Henan Golden Egg Animal Husbandry Co.,Ltd is a group company together with researching and development,marketing.We have farming equipment factory ,incubator machine factory,Ventilation plant and the feed machine factories with more than 10years researching and development technicians experience.Golden Egg people agree that we use our professional and responsibility to help every customer to build a turnkey poultry farm project.Give your poultry create a five-star home.

Product desoription pressure fan is popular in recent years.The Greenhouse Exhaust fan is a new environmentally friendly and energy

saving plant ventilation cooling equipment, because of the exhaust fan’s large amount of ventilation, ventilation and cooling effect is good, low noise, the installation of the use of the site of the smallest destructive, cheap to buy, wide range of applications, Long life and other significant features, more and more users are loved.

Main technical parameters:

Exhaust fan is also called negtive pressure exhaust fan. It’s an axial fan.Mainly used for ventilation and temperature cooling . It is a more economical ventilation and cooling products. It has a simple structure, easy to maintenance, large air volume, easy to install, etc.It’s widely used in factory, greenhouse, poultry farm, livestock farm, etc.

Ordinary type Negative pressure fan
Model Dimension Aif flow Motor(380v)/KW Total pressure Noise decibels Voltage
400 400*400*320 4500 0.25 45 ≤80 380/220
480 480*480*320 6000 0.25 50 ≤75 380/220
600 600*600*370 18000 0.37 55 ≤70 380/220
710 800*800*370 21000 0.37 55 ≤70 380/220
800 900*900*370 28000 0.55 60 ≤60 380/220
900 1000*1000*370 29000 0.55 65 ≤65 380/220
1000 1100*1100*370 30000 0.75 70 ≤70 380/220
1100 1220*1220*370 36000 0.75 70 ≤70 380/220
1250 1380*1380*370 42000 1.1 70 ≤70 380/220
1400 1530*1530*370 52000 1.5 70 ≤70 380/220
Heavy hammer type Negative pressure fan
800 800*800*400 22000 0.37 60 ≤60 380/220
900 900*900*400 28000 0.55 65 ≤65 380/220
1000 1000*1000*400 30000 0.55 70 ≤70 380/220
1100 1100*1100*400 32500 0.75 70 ≤70 380/220
1220 1220*1220*400 38000 0.75 73 ≤70 380/220
1380 1380*1380*400 44000 1.1 56 ≤70 380/220
1530 1530*1530*400 55800 1.5 60 ≤70 380/220
Push type Negative pressure fan
1000 1000*1000*450 30000 0.75 70 ≤70 380/220
1380 1380*1380*450 44000 1.1 56 ≤70 380/220
1530 1530*1530*450 55800 1.5 60 ≤70 380/220

Fan Feature:1. Advanced balancing openclose mechanism can ensure shutter 100% open and shut down;2.Mainly used for greenhouse, industrial workshop, livestock housing;3.Low noise and high air flow capability;4.Blades can clean themselves automatically when they are running;5.High efficiency motor with stable performance.

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