3 columns and 4 layers of ladder egg cage design(195 type)

3 rows of 4 layer ladder hens (type 195)
Single set of fully automatic equipment (width x height) m: 2.61mx2.49m
Cage size (length x width x height) m: 1.95mx0.35mx0.38m
Each chicken occupies an area of m2: 0.455 m2 /
Feeding per door: 3
Feeding amount per group: 15
Feeding schematic
Feeding the feed tower, the automatic feeder can feed the feed evenly
The interval between the two columns is 0.99m (at least one person’s operating interval)
4-layer ladder type laying hen cage equipment height is 2.497m
The ditch width is 2m

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Schematic diagram of automatic quail egg system and automatic defecation system:

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The length of the automatic quail egg machine + material machine stop is 1.4+1.5+1.5=4.4m
The ditch is 0.3m-0.5m deep (the front end is inclined to the rear end)
The outside of the house has a width of 2m and a depth of 1.5m.

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3D schematic diagram of equipment placement:

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