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Working principle and structure of flat belt type manure machine

At present, the dehumidifiers commonly used in the intensive chicken raising equipment group have two types of flat-type manure removal machines and scraper-cleaning manure, and the flat-belt type defecation mode is more suitable for the stacked cage culture mode. Its working principle and structure are as follows:

Poultry manure scraper
Poultry manure scraper

When the belt type manure machine is working in the chicken house, the chicken manure falls on the conveyor belt because the belt type manure machine is installed in the lower part of the step cage. As the belt moves, it increases at the end of the conveyor belt. A scraping manure plate, the chicken manure is scraped off the conveyor belt for stacking and collecting. Install the disinfectant sprayer on the other end of the conveyor belt to spray disinfect the entire belt. As long as the machine is turned on and the chicken manure is not accumulated too much, the air quality in the house will be guaranteed.
Machine structure:
The new belt type cleaning machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized chicken farms. Each set can clean a set of stepped chicken cages, which are mainly composed of three parts: power part, conveyor belt and disinfection spray device.

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