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Which do chicks raise drinking first

1. Drinking water is the physiological requirement of the chicks: the chicks are transported to the chicken house when they are born. After the chicks are shelled, some of the yolk remains in the yolk sac, and the nutrients in the yolk are for the chicks. The necessary nutrients, whether the early drinking water for the chicks affects the speed of nutrient absorption of the egg yolk. Therefore, it is a physiological requirement to drink water from the chicks that have just emerged from the shell, which can effectively accelerate the absorption and utilization of nutrients in the egg yolk. The earlier the drinking water, the better the utilization effect. Drinking water for chicks is also beneficial for clearing the gastrointestinal tract, excreting meconium, promoting the metabolism of the chicks, and accelerating the absorption and transformation of the yolk in the abdomen, which is conducive to the growth and development of the chicks. Otherwise, the egg yolk in the stomach of the chick is not absorbed, and then the feed is rushed, which increases the digestive burden of the gastrointestinal tract, which is not good for the chick.

2, the digestive function of the chick is relatively weak: the body function of the chick is relatively weak, and the size of the chick is relatively small, the digestive tract is also relatively short, the digestion ability is weak, the function is not sound enough, the nutrient is not easy to digest, the utilization rate Low, the yolk remains in the abdomen, and it takes about 3-5 days to digest and absorb. Therefore, the chicks cannot be fed too early after being shelled, even if they are fed. Because chicks are greedy and hunger-stricken, the solution is to quantify the timing to avoid digestive disorders.

Four-tier stepped brooding cage
Four-tier stepped brooding cage

3. In the process of chicken delivery, the chicks have lost a lot of water, so after the chicks enter the chicken house, the farmers must first drink water to restore the water content of the chicks, and the temperature in the brooding house is compared. The high, high temperature effect makes the chicks need more water: 74% of the cell tissue in the chicken body is composed of water, which regulates body temperature, transports nutrients, secretes waste, and promotes digestion and absorption of food. Moisture is a must-have for chickens. As long as the water is fully compensated, the growth and development of the birds and the metabolic balance of the water in the chickens can be satisfied.

In addition, farmers need to pay attention to the fact that farmers need to pay attention to drinking water when drinking water for chicks. They should not drink cold water, so as to avoid cold water, sudden onset of body temperature, and not to break water, in order to prevent chicken development from being blocked or dehydrated. To control the quality of drinking water.

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