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The focus and identification method of egg cage

The focus and identification method of egg cage
In the past two years, there have been fewer and fewer chicken farms with less than 10,000 stocks. There are more and more chicken farms in large scale. We will sort out the equipment for the large and medium chicken farms. I hope to help you.
There are two kinds of chicken cages commonly used, one is A type layer galvanized welded wire mesh egg chicken cage :

 A type layer galvanized welded wire mesh egg chicken cage
A type layer galvanized welded wire mesh egg chicken cage

The advantages of the stepped egg cage: the upper and lower layers of the cage are completely staggered, usually 3 to 4 layers. The utility model has the advantages that the bottom of the cage does not need to have a dung board, and if it is a pit, there is no clearing system; the structure is simple; the ventilation and the surface of each layer are large.
1. The mesh is smooth to prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot.
2. Separation of the net and the bottom net can effectively prevent the fatigue of the ankle and laying hens.
3. The mesh is galvanized to improve the service life. (Zinc plating is currently divided into cold-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, hot-swallowed zinc)
4. High-density breeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases.
5. Unique door reinforcement design, effectively preventing the head from swaying and wasting feed when the chicken is eating. The cage door is enlarged to facilitate various operations on the chicken.
6. Scalability: It can be adjusted according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.
7. The chicken manure conveyor belt is installed at the bottom to effectively solve the pollution in the chicken house, and directly transfer the manure to the outside to reduce the manual input.

The other is H Type Battery Chicken LayerCage :

TheH Type Battery Chicken LayerCage  is also called the overlapping egg cage and the stacked egg cage.
1. The three-dimensional egg cage net mesh combination type and hot-dip galvanizing are durable;
2, the bracket is made of cold plate rolling forming galvanizing, the trough is white plastic steel material, including adjusting plate, including joint, plastic mat mesh aperture Q15mm;
3, egg cage cage wire surface is smooth, no crack

H Type Battery Chicken LayerCage
H Type Battery Chicken LayerCage

s and scratches and other harmful defects, chicken cage mesh formed, can effectively prevent chicken foot damage, prevent chicken foot infection caused by wire laceration The occurrence of staphylococci;
4, easy to assemble, easy to raise, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chickens;
5. Reduce labor costs, achieve full automation of feeding, feeding, drinking, decontamination and environmental protection, reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor costs;
6. Investment province, using cascading farming equipment under the same breeding scale, with high stocking density, saving land and high degree of intensification.

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