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Sanitary and quarantine measures for chicken houses

First, the chicken house hygiene: chickens (circles) in the form of flat above the ground, should be sunny, ventilated, light, dry, loose and easy to move chicken. House (circle) and sports field, cleaning 1-2 times a day, usually disinfected once a month, in case of epidemics, immediate diagnosis, blockade and complete disinfection.
Chicken manure and dirt should be concentrated and fermented at the designated address. The manure field should be 50 meters away from the house.
Second, appliance hygiene: feeding trough, drinking fountains (basin) and related feeding management equipment, should often be washed with 2% hot alkaline water or 0.02% potassium permanganate water. Work clothes, rubber shoes, gloves, etc. are soaked and washed with 2 to 3% of the Sol solution. The nesting box and the brooding room are padded after sun drying, and should be changed frequently, often kept dry and clean. The replaced bedding should be concentrated and fermented.
Third, comprehensive epidemic prevention methods: chicken farms, chicken houses, chicken rings should be set up disinfection pool, personnel must be disinfected. Disinfectants should be replaced regularly.

Battery cages design
Battery cages design

It is forbidden to introduce eggs and breed chickens from infected areas, and it is forbidden for people from infected areas to enter the chicken farms and chicken houses to watch.
The flocks are quarantined and immunized on a regular basis.
Frequently observe the health status of the flock. When the disease is discovered, it should be isolated in time. The contaminated chicken houses (circles) and utensils should be completely disinfected, and the feces should be disinfected at the same time.
Do not sell, do not buy, do not eat sick and dead chicken. Dead chickens are treated according to veterinary regulations.

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