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Notice of battery cages for sale

In the process of raising chickens in chicken cages, farmers need to pay attention to the key issues and issues:

Battery cages for sale
Battery cages for sale

1. Reasonable stocking density: Although the density of chickens can be raised in Battery cages for sale, the number is relatively large, but the farmers can not blindly place the chickens, and reasonable quantities should be made according to different standard scales and types. Distribution, if the stocking density exceeds the number of the chicken cage itself, it will restrict the activities of the chicken group, affecting the growth and development, and the excessive quantity will affect the air quality of the chicken house and the service life of the chicken cage, and may also form a chicken group. Strong bullying, mutual attacks and other scenes, so the farmers should timely make reasonable adjustments according to the growth period of the flock.

2, do a good ventilation: Battery cages for sale is more dense than the flat chicken house, the chickens are raised more, then the stool and oxygen and other harmful gases are relatively large, so the farmers in the process of breeding Be sure to do a good job of ventilation and ventilation. Discharge harmful gases in a timely and useful way. Bring fresh air into the house, keep the air in the house fresh and suitable for humidity.

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