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Method for achieving nutritional balance in laying hens and raising chickens

Egg broilers, like humans, need a reasonable amount of nutrients to grow health, egg production can be added, chicken nutrient balance can also prevent chickens from some diseases, in the laying period of laying hens, farmers want to obtain For good economic benefits, we must pay attention to timely adjusting the nutrient composition of the feed to ensure a balanced balance of nutrients in the diet.

First, the progress of mineral content: minerals are mainly calcium and phosphorus. When the hen lays eggs, the amount of calcium is added. If the calcium is lacking in the feed, the quality of the eggshell will be affected, and then the broken egg will be added, which will cause the chicken to have soft shell eggs and shellless eggs. The imbalance of calcium and phosphorus can not be removed. Phosphorus deficiency and calcium deficiency can also cause discomfort in laying hens, such as cockroaches, cockroaches, and quail eggs. Therefore, it is particularly important to add the content of mineral additives in the diet.

Chicken cages design
Chicken cages design

Second, reduce energy feed: improve protein, it is necessary to reduce energy, otherwise it can not be completed. In addition, the temperature in the spring gradually rises. If the high-energy feed during the wintering period is continuously fed, the weight of the laying hen will be increased, and then the egg production rate will be affected. Because the fat chicken does not lay eggs, the reason is very simple.

Third, make up for vitamins: make up for a variety of vitamins, is to promote high-yield and stable production of laying hens. Among all kinds of vitamins, especially to make up for vitamin D, when the diet is lacking for a long time, the egg production of the laying hens decreases, the eggshell becomes soft and thin, and the absorption of calcium is also seriously affected.

Fourth, the progress of protein levels: This we all know very well that eggs are a rich source of protein, therefore, in the laying period of hens to consume more protein, on the one hand to maintain itself, on the other hand is production, the test indicates, The protein consumption of the chicken is related to the egg production rate of the chicken, so the protein material in the feed is added according to the progress of the egg production rate of the chicken. The method of improving protein is very simple to add high-quality fishmeal, bean cake, etc. in the diet, and at the same time to reduce energy feed.

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