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How do laying hens produce eggs in winter?

Our farmers have learned that following the cold winter, due to the temperature drop and the decline of air quality, the egg laying of our hens will decline or the production will stop. This will reduce the income of our farmers, so what should we do in the winter to make our laying hens produce more economic losses? In fact, as long as we are properly managed in winter, we can change the egg production and egg production of the laying hens, so that the laying hens produce 50-70 eggs per year.

4 layer coop chicken cage
4 layer coop chicken cage

1. Adding white wine to chicken feed, mixing 30-40 grams of white wine per kilogram of feed, the egg production rate can be improved by about 20%, and the chicken’s disease resistance can be improved.

2. The house should be well protected from cold and heat. The windshield is placed around the house. The floor is covered with grass, the doors and windows are closed, and the curtains are kept warm at night, so that the temperature in the house always stays above 10 degrees.

3. To ensure that the lighting time is sufficient, the daily light stays at 13-14 hours, and in winter, because the daytime time is short, the sun exposure time is not enough. At this time, the farmers can adopt the method of making up the lights.

4. Do a good job of quarantine and disinfection in the chicken house in winter. The house should be kept dry and clean, often replaced with ash, used for disinfection of ur, and often fed with garlic and 0.5% potassium permanganate.

5. Chicken feed is diversified. The concentrates are mainly sorghum, corn and hazelnuts. The green feed is mainly carrot, cabbage and spinach. Be careful to feed and keep feeding. In the laying period, you should also feed bean cake, corn noodles, cooked pig blood, shell powder, fish and shrimp powder, bone meal and so on. Drink plenty of water every day.

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