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Fan number calculation method

The ventilation volume of the house refers to the amount of air renewal in the house within one minute. The volume of the house is the maximum. The ventilation is divided by the ventilation capacity of the fan in the wind. The number of fans is the same.

Cooling fan poultry house
Cooling fan poultry house

Example: The chicken house is 100 meters long. It is 16 meters wide, 2.5 meters high and 4 meters high. Then the house size is: 100 × 16 × (4 + 2.5) / 2 = 5100 cubic meters. The fan ventilation of the common fan 1400 is 860 cubic meters per minute, then the number of fans required for the house is 5100/850=6 units. However, considering the number of chickens in the house and the resistance of the cage equipment. The number of fans required is 3 times that of the general. That is 18 units. Generally, the number of external fans should consider the ventilation volume and thickness of the wet curtain of the house, and the wet curtain with a thickness of 15 cm or more will have higher requirements on the performance of the fan.

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