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Comprehensive understanding of the maintenance of chicken cages

1. Protection and maintenance:
1. In order to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment, the farmers are required to regularly lubricate the transmission components such as the transmission gear transmission sprocket and gears once a month during the operation; to add lubrication to the drive sprocket of the central egg collection machine; The central faecal system and the central egg feeding system are filled with lubricating oil.
2. Dispose of the surface of the egg-feeding roller and the manure roller in time to prevent the accumulation of debris and cause the manure belt to burst or crack the roller shaft.
3. In time to sort out the impurities in the soft and broken egg collection tray.
4. The ventilation system should be properly adjusted for side wall ventilation and roof ventilation depending on the season.
5. Always keep clean about the lighting bulb to prevent it from affecting the light intensity.

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2. Safety precautions:
1. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to check the working condition of the equipment and open the relevant repairing port. If it is really necessary to inquire about the working condition of the relevant parts during the operation, the demanding professional shall operate according to the regulations and equip the necessary personal protection methods.
2. When inspecting, repairing and curing, the operator must ensure that the main power switch is disconnected and the main power switch is turned off, otherwise there will be a personal injury accident.
3. The equipment, repair or protection requirements of the electrical equipment related to this equipment shall be operated by professional power operators in accordance with the regulations.
4. The protective parts of the equipment are some of the primary components of the equipment. They can not be removed at will, and the damage should be repaired or replaced in time.
5. There are two travel switches for the machine head and tail machine. When the skip wheel of the skip touches any of the travel switches, the operation will be suspended. It should be checked regularly whether the travel switch is active. If it fails, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, it will simply pull the broken vehicle, and even lead to more serious results.
6. The lower part of the egg trough is placed at the bottom of the trough. A set of electric shock lines is provided to prevent the chicken from going to the quail egg. Please do not touch it with your hands to prevent it from being injured.
7. Power supply Some power cords require special retaining sleeves, and some wirings must have special terminal blocks to prevent leakage.
8. Use or repair the operator to go through professional technical practice and strictly follow the relevant operating procedures.
9. The device has relevant safety operation warnings. Please pay attention to and carefully read these tips when using or protecting.

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