Chicken house has two types

The type of chicken house is basically divided into two types: open house (common house) and closed house.
(1) Open chicken house: The most common form is a windowed house with walls on four sides, large windows on the south wall, small windows on the north wall, and no or no playground on the south side. All or most of these houses are naturally ventilated and naturally lit, and the temperature and humidity in the house vary substantially with the seasons. Ventilation and lighting equipment are often added to houses such as production management towels to supplement ventilation and lighting in natural conditions due to limited natural ventilation and limited lighting.

chicken house
chicken house

(2) Closed chicken house: also known as windowless house. The roof and the four walls of the chicken house are well insulated; there are no windows on all sides, and the house environment is adjusted by manual or instrument control. Artificial ventilation and light are used in the house to control the temperature, humidity and air composition of the house by changing the amount of ventilation.

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