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Broken egg rate in Battery cage eggs

In the development of the chicken industry, the egg breaking rate is one of the serious factors affecting economic efficiency. According to the survey, the breakage rate of eggs in most laying hen farms is between 3% and 11%. The egg breaking rate has seriously affected the economic interests of farmers. It is necessary to take appropriate prevention and control measures in order to obtain good economic benefits.

Battery cages for sale
Battery cages for sale

Egg laying farms should reduce the rate of breaking eggs as a production indicator, and their content is highly valued, and effective measures are taken to reduce the rate of breaking eggs. In recent years, some scholars have studied how to reduce the rate of breaking eggs. Now it is about reducing the number of laying hens, nutrition regulation and feeding management.

There are many reports of egg rate, which indicates the direction for the majority of farmers to solve the problem of high egg breaking rate. However, at present, specific improvement measures for feeding management, especially chicken cages, are rare. The research on Battery cage eggs bottom and plastic mesh mat has been partially applied to production.

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