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Advantages of large-scale egg cage farming

1. Only 5 chickens can be raised per square meter of chicken house, and 15-25 chickens can be raised in cages. Generally, the flat chicken house has a playground that is twice as large as the chicken house. Each flat chicken is 6-10 times larger than the cage.
2. In the province, the amount of activity in the grass cages is small, the density is high in winter, the temperature in the house is high, the energy used to maintain the chicken is less, and the diet is generally less than 1-2 dollars a day.

egg  chicken cages
egg chicken cages

3. When the province saves the workers and raises the feed, the chickens are called back, it is very difficult to feed, the caged chicken rings are in the cage, feeding along the line in front of the cage, adding water, quail eggs, investigating chickens, It is very convenient to catch chickens, etc. It is not necessary to lay grass or soil washers. It is also more labor-saving to clean the dung. It is to feed hundreds of chickens, and it will not take many moments every day.
4. Conducive to the prevention of diseased chickens in the cage will not go east and west, do not touch the feces, so the timing of infection is greatly reduced. The eggs laid are not in contact with grass, soil, and feces, and the appearance is very clean. The house does not have soil and grass, the dust is less, and the environment is cleaner. Pure feces are removed from the cage, which can be used as feed after drying at high temperature. It contains a lot of non-protein nitrogen, which is especially suitable for feeding ruminant livestock – cattle and sheep.
5. Decrease labor cost, realize feeding, feeding, drinking water, clearing manure, and fully automatic control of the environment, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and saving labor costs;
The laying hen cage produced by our company is made by hot-dip galvanizing process. It is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, long-lasting, beautiful and beautiful. It does not run chicken, does not deform, and does not sag. The normal service life is more than 10 years. The cages produced by the company include various cages and supporting equipment such as laying broiler broiler.

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