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Advantages of a closed Rooster cages for sale

The enclosed Commercial quail cages for sale is generally closed on all sides, and adopts a dense cascading cage culture mode. It relies little on external factors such as the environment, and uses air conditioners and spray equipment to control environmental conditions. Significant savings in labor costs.
1, to ensure normal production in harsh environments In harsh environments, in the case of high temperatures, high cold, high humidity, etc., closed chicken houses are controlled by complete human conditions.
2, good disease control, low drug costs Closed chicken house due to less pollution, the internal environment of the house is controllable, the chicken group is affected by the outside world, the chicken group has a low incidence of disease.

Rooster cages for sale
Rooster cages for sale

3, isolation and disinfection is good, less cross-contamination Because the enclosed chicken house is better isolated from the outside world, the chances of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the chicken house entering and leaving the house will be reduced, and the disinfection and sterilization in the house can be controlled in a certain space. Such opportunities for cross-contamination will be greatly reduced, which is conducive to the prevention and control of diseases, especially major animal diseases.
4.  Intensification and standardization The construction of chicken houses generally requires a large amount of financial resources. The number of breeding houses is generally more than 10,000. The number of chickens per unit area is large and the land utilization rate is high. The growth of the flock can generally be controlled according to the feeding standards of the chicken.
5. The environmental conditions are controllable, in line with the physiological and production needs of the chicken. The environment of the house is stable, not susceptible to the influence of natural environmental conditions, and the production is stable and safe. The artificial control of the operation technology is beneficial to control the growth, sexual maturity and stimulation of the chicken. The egg laying cycle facilitates the monitoring of the quality and quantity of the flock.
6. Saving manpower and reducing the cost of feeding The ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking water and epidemic prevention of closed chicken houses are controlled by machinery and electronics. This will reduce the manpower required for production and at the same time be advanced due to feeding equipment. Sex, the waste of feed man-made is also greatly reduced, thereby reducing production costs while increasing production efficiency.

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