Poultry manure conveyor belt

Introduction of poultry manure conveyor belt
1, conveyor belt cleaning machine delivers dry manure and reduces ammonia content in the house2, improve air quality
3, improve the economic benefits of farming

Features of poultry manure belt

Manure belt conveyor
1, poultry manure removal system with horizontal cleaning machine
2, easy to operate, convenient and fast
3, start the horizontal cleaning machine first, then start the longitudinal cleaning machine
Poultry Manure belt

Working principle of chicken manure conveyor belts

Horizontal chicken manure transport belt, chicken manure lifting belt
The horizontal chicken manure transport belt collects chicken manure from the manure belt due to gravity, and sends the chicken manure out of the chicken cage. The lateral chicken manure transport belt is installed in a special passage or pit.
The chicken manure lifting belt collects the chicken manure on the lateral conveyor belt and transports it to the height of the chicken manure truck.

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