Automatic Scraper Manure Removal machine

Introduction of automatic scraper manure removal machine
The method of clearing feces in the chicken house is artificial decontamination and mechanical decontamination.
Automatic cleaning machine and automatic cleaning machine for mechanical cleaning.

Details of poultry manure removal system

The manure belt poultry is mostly used for step cages, and the conveyor belt type septic machine is mostly used for cascading egg cages to raise broiler cages (each layer has a clearing belt).
Also suitable for stepped cages (the bottom layer has a clearing belt, also called a crawler belt cleaning machine). The drawer type dung board is mainly used for vertical brooding cages and universities.
Study the habits of various chickens and use them

Features of poultry manure conveyor belt

1. The equipment is safe to operate, continuously pulling the rope and has a long service life.
2. Unmanned management can be realized, and the time can be cleared automatically, and the time can be set arbitrarily:
3. Manually clearing the manure, the operation is simple and quick, and automatic manual and arbitrary conversion;
4. Multi-stage power transmission, increased friction and strong power;
5, scraping manure plate design, scraper automatically retracting, adjustable plate position, small friction, clean dung clean
6, 380V three-phase power supply power output
7, a host can run 1-4 scraping board, the longest scraping stroke 110 meters
National standard cycloid reducer
1, using the most advanced national standard cycloidal reducer to ensure the reasonableness of the output transmission ratio
2, motor and reducer direct connection small size, easy to operate
3, special type of scraper type septic machine, anti-corrosion, long life
Poultry manure removal system
Hot-dip galvanized scraping board
1, hot-dip galvanized thick scraper to ensure the long service life of the cleaning machine
2, the scraper is made by high-precision CNC machine tool, never deformed
3, can automatically retract, friction is small, clean dung clean
Manure belt poultry

Parameters of chicken manure conveyor belts

Item parameter
Length * width * height 70CM * 70CM * 40CM
Supporting power 3KW / 1400 rpm
Maximum working traction N 3200N/min
Scraping rate ≥95%
Walking speed m/min 5
Scraper board return path ground clearance mm ≥15
Scraper width/thickness mm 230/8
Chicken manure conveyor belts

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