Cooling pad for poultry greenhouse

Cooling pad for poultry greenhouse is the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption, the principle of negative pressure ventilation, to discharge the waste gas, dirty gas and remove high temperature stuffy.

Features of cooling pad for poultry farms

1) Adopt new material and space cross-linking technology, high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.
2) The product evaporation is larger than the surface, and the cooling efficiency is over 80%.
3) The product contains surfactant, absorbs water naturally, spreads quickly and has long lasting effect. A drop of water can be diffused in 4~5 seconds, the natural water absorption height is 60~70mm/5 points; when 200mm/1.5, it fully meets the international industry standard;
4) The product does not contain chemical substances such as phenol which are easy to make skin allergic. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body when installed and used, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical;
5) A variety of frame sizes: galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, which is convenient for customers’ choice.
Poultry cooling pad systems

Cooling principle of Poultry cooling systems

The cooling curtain (water curtain) mainly uses the physics of water to absorb the heat in the air during the evaporation process, so that the temperature of the air drops. In practice, it is used in combination with a negative pressure fan. The wet curtain is installed on the gable or side wall of one end of the closed house. The fan is installed on the other side of the gable or side wall. The cooling fan draws out the indoor air and generates negative pressure to force the outdoor air to flow through. The porous wet wetting curtain surface converts a large amount of heat in the air to force the air entering the room to be lowered by 4-10 ° C, and is continuously introduced into the room for heatstroke prevention and cooling.
Water evaporation and heat absorption is a very common physical phenomenon in nature. The principle of cooling curtain cooling is also applied. The comprehensive application of the wet curtain cooling system and the negative pressure fan utilizes the water evaporation and heat absorption to cool the air. The thermal principle fully demonstrates the three elements of the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption:
Surface area in contact with water
2. Air circulation speed
3. The temperature of the water itself
And the water evaporation heat absorption efficiency is proportional to the above factors:
1. Under the action of water pump and gravity, the water flows from top to bottom, forming a pleated water film with a total area equivalent to 100 times the appearance of the water curtain on the surface of the corrugated fiber of the wet curtain, so the contact area between the water film and the air is Very big.
2. Due to the “pressure difference” caused by the suction of the negative pressure fan, the outdoor air will quickly pass through the cooling curtain and collide with the water curtain film to facilitate the wide area of ​​heat in the air. The water film absorbs quickly.
3. As the water temperature rises, evaporation increases, evaporation increases, and the amount of heat carried by the water increases. That is: the cooling effect is more obvious.
Poultry cooling systems

Parameters of Poultry cooling pad systems

Item 7090 5090 Unit
Height 1500,1800,2000 1500,1800,2000 mm
Width 600,300 600,300 mm
thick 100,150,200,300 100,150,200,300 mm
H(height of cooling pad corrugation) 7 5  mm
α 45 45
β 45 45

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