Cooling fan for poultry house

Introduction of cooling fan for poultry house
Poultry house fans for sale is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dustproof and deodorization.

Components of poultry ventilation fans

Galvanized sheet frame: The galvanized sheet has been tested for strength, and the zinc content per square meter is not less than 200g; the frame, the air duct and the fan blade are connected by standard fasteners, which effectively ensure the stability and resistance of the fan. Corrosion ability.
Blind blade: 1.5mm hot-dip galvanized blade is controlled by automatic centrifugal device. After the fan is turned on, even if it is operated for a long time, it will not cause deformation of the blade. After the fan is closed, the blind will automatically close and there will be no air leakage. Light transmission phenomenon.
Standard size fan blades: 6 stainless steel blades are locked in the center of the fan by fasteners according to the CNC geometry model.
V-type motor belt: Japan Samsung V-type motor belt, high strength and long service life.
Automatic belt tensioner: aluminum-magnesium alloy material, not easy to deform, tensioned from the inside to avoid damage to the belt tensioner when the fan is running in reverse.
Pulley and hub: aluminum-magnesium alloy, die-casting, strong corrosion resistance, built-in oil-impregnated bearings, low maintenance costs.
Automatic centrifugal device: The fan adopts automatic centrifugal device. When the fan is running, the flexible blinds can be opened with a little wind, and the automatic centrifugal device ensures that the blinds are stably opened. The cooperation of multiple fans can be in a short time. The temperature inside the house is reduced to the ideal temperature.
Fan motor: 100% copper core motor, 3C certified, long service life and low maintenance cost.
Recessed handle: There are recessed handles on both sides of the fan to facilitate the handling of the fan; the recessed design ensures that the wall will not be affected during the installation process.
Poultry house fans for sale

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