Chicken house ventilation window


The chicken coop ventilation fans is durable and has strong anti-aging ability.

Features of cross ventilation chicken coop

1, carefully selected from high-quality PS engineering plastics, durable, anti-aging ability
2, the upper edge of the window door and the edge of the window are uniquely grooved to form a tight structure, which is tighter after closing, and the sealing effect is leading in the industry.
3, the inside of the window is equipped with a windshield on both sides to effectively prevent the cold wind from blowing
4, let the fresh air rush to the center of the poultry house, more evenly dispersed, the ventilation effect is more ideal
chicken coop ventilation fans
Ventilation window control of chicken coop roof vent is divided into automatic and manual control
1, automatic control: the environmental controller controls the motor work according to the pressure difference set by the house
2, Pull the small window into the wind to change the opening size of the damper, and automatically reach the pressure difference set by the house.
3, manual control: the operator observes the negative pressure gauge of the chicken house, manually operates the winch
4, until the appropriate negative pressure is achieved
cross ventilation chicken coop

Chicken coop roof vent installation precautions

1, the wall on the side where the small window is installed must ensure the same plane
2, within 15cm below the small window must be fixed anchor bolt structure can not be used hollow brick
3, in order to prevent rainwater from being poured, the lower edge of the small window is higher than the outer side
4, ryal wooden frame in the chicken house interior wall flush
chicken coop roof vent

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