Egg collecting belt

Introduction of Automatic egg collection system
Egg collecting system belt, also known as egg belt, egg conveyor belt, is mainly used in automatic laying hen cage equipment to achieve automatic extraction of eggs from chicken cages, instead of artificial, to improve efficiency. The poultry egg collection system is made of high-strength polypropylene PP material, which is divided into two processes: herringbone weaving and I-shaped weaving.

Features of egg belt suppliers

1. High tensile strength and low ductility
2. Reduce egg breakage rate, dirt resistance, clean eggs during rolling
3. PP material is resistant to bacterial fungi.
4. Acid and alkali resistance
5. Can be used in high humidity environment, performance is not affected by the environment
6. Easy to clean, can be washed directly with cold water
7. After UV and calm point treatment, anti-aging

Specifications of egg collector machine

General specifications: Width: 100mm, the length can be customized. The color is a white background with a blue line in the middle and a red line on both sides.
Special specifications can be customized: width 50mm-700mm, color can also be customized.
Egg collector machine

Polypropylene egg belt

Egg collecting belt

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