Central egg collection system

Introduction of central egg collection system
The egg collection system of a poultry farm consists of the following components: egg belt (horizontal egg), lifts (collect eggs on each floor by lift), egg conveyor belt.

Components of poultry egg collection system

1, horizontal set eggs
On both sides of the cage, each layer has an egg strip that is as long as a chicken coop. The egg belt is made of special jute, and the egg belt transports the eggs laid by the laying hen to the elevator.
At the head end of the chicken cage is the drive head of the egg belt. At the other end of the house is the recycling line for the egg belt.
2. The eggs on the egg strips on each side of each row of cages can be collected by the lift and transported to the egg drive belt. The elevator is at the head end of each column of cages.
3, Egg conveyor belt is the conveyor of egg metal chain, consisting of straight line and curve part, according to the customer’s needs to develop the final route.
Egg collector

Collecting free range eggs

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