Three-tier stepped brooding cage

Introduction of wire chicken cages for sale
The stepped brooding cage is the earliest cage for the initial breeding industry from the flat to the cage. The use of stepped brooding cages in chicken farms is a very common phenomenon. What are the advantages of stepped brooding cages? Features,
The stepped brooding cage manufacturer Norde introduces the advantages of the stepped egg cage.

Features of chicken brooder

1. The galvanized low carbon steel wire has strong tensile strength and pressure resistance;
2. Easy to observe the growth of chicks, easy to group and select the scouring;
3. Automatically clearing feces effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality of chicks;
4. The trough is equipped with an adjustment plate to meet the chick feeding at different growth stages;
5. There is enough feeding and drinking position, and the uniformity and health of the chicken are good.
6. Compared with flat feeding, the feeding amount of chicks per unit area has increased by 50% – 100%;
7. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to ensure sufficient water supply for the chicks;
8. It can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, automatic water supply system and automatic cleaning system to realize the specialization and automation of equipment.
Brooder cage

Parameters of commercial chick brooder

Model: nd -yc-03
Single set of fully automatic equipment (length x width x height) m: 1.99mx2.55mx2.02m
Cage size (length x width x height) m: 1.95mx0.5mx0.35m
The area occupied by each chicken is m2: 0.325m2/only
Feeding amount per door: 10
Feeding amount per group: 180

Cage network specifications:
Cage size (length x width x height) mm: 1950mmx1000mmx350mm (double side whole network)
Single door size (length x width x height) mm: 650mm500mm350mm
Feeding amount per door: 10
Floor area per chicken (mm2): 32500mm2
Schematic diagram of the double side cage network:

Schematic diagram of single side cage network:

Chick brooder cage
Poultry cages for sale
Separate mesh size (length x height): 500mmx (350~400)
(The height of the net is available to accommodate chicks at different stages of growth)
Chick brooder cage
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Chicken brooder

Brooder box for sale

Commercial chick brooder

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