Household nest box

Introduction of Household nest box
The nesting box is specially used for flat laying hens and broiler breeders. Ventilation holes are added to the left and right sides of the nesting box to ensure good ventilation in each egg laying hole. In order to prevent chickens from standing on the top of the nest, the nest can be equipped with anti-habitats for users to choose. A set of 24-hole nesting boxes for 96 hens laying eggs.

Details of Battery cage system for broilers

The cascading broiler cage equipment can realize the automatic broiler out of the cage. After the broiler reaches a certain stage, the plastic bottom plate can be pulled out, the chicken falls onto the manure belt, the faecal belt rotates to bring the chicken to one end of the chicken house, and the conveyor belt can transfer the chicken. Go outside the chicken coop.
The cascading broiler cage equipment includes an automatic feeding system, an automatic water supply system and an automatic decontamination system to lead domestic industry standards, which can automate and specialize broiler cages and improve the efficiency of broiler farming.

Features of egg box

1) The galvanized sheet egg box is made of high-quality galvanized sheet with galvanized layer content of 275 g/square and thickness of 0.5 mm to prevent rust.
2) The bottom plate is made of modified PP plastic and galvanized plate; rubber artificial straw mat can be added according to customer requirements;
3) The pedals made of high-quality wood are smooth and straight, resistant to corrosion and thornless;
4) Double-layer design, the acupoint size is increased and widened by 40mm on the original standard;
5) The unique anti-habiting bracket keeps the surface of the egg carton clean;
6) It is cool in winter and cool in summer, and the natural circulation of air has a good egg laying environment;
7) Adapt to any house and a variety of installation forms;
8) Disinfection is thorough and easy to avoid the spread of disease;
9) The service life is more than ten years, and can be converted into automatic quail eggs;
Household nest box

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