H type layer vertical brooding cage

Introduction of brooder cage
The chick brooder cage is a relatively new type of chicken raising equipment this year. The baby chick cages for sale is also called the cascading brooding cage. The sports cage can make better use of the space of the chicken house. The brooding layers are used to raise the chicken and manure. To reduce the chance of coccidiosis and intestinal diseases, greatly increase the survival rate of chicks, and lay a foundation for future adult chickens, thereby improving the economic benefits of farmers.

Parameters of chicken brooder

Four-layer vertical brooding cage
Specifications: length 1.4 meters; height 1.75 meters; width 0.7 meters.
Weight: 33KG (up and down error 3%).
Description of the cage: egg broiler dual-use; four layers above and below, a total of 8 doors.
Auxiliary equipment: double-sided movable net, double fabric trough (slot, medium trough), steel bead nipple drinker, high-side septic plate, pressure regulator.

Features of chicken brooder

Feeding advantages:
1, can feed 400 chickens, 1.5 chickens, 200 chickens, 120 chickens, 3 chickens, according to the weight of 80-140 chickens. Cage raising effectively increases meat ratio by more than 25%, saves feeding space, increases space utilization rate by 1-1.5 times; reduces dosage by 50%-70%; raises energy saving by 50%-70%; saves feeding time by more than 1 time; effectively improves The survival rate is as high as 99.5%.
2, the company’s cages are made of high-quality steel, the welding process is perfect, thick galvanized layer, durable, no running chicken, no deformation, no sagging. The normal service life is more than 10 years. This cage is suitable for brooding period of various chickens such as laying hens, broilers, chickens, and pheasants. The chicken cage door is designed to be more convenient for the flexible operation of the chicken. The chicken cage is encrypted on both sides and does not run the chicken.
3, the chicken cage bottom net length and short wire encryption design, does not refute the chicken legs, is conducive to the growth of the chicken, no deformation, no sagging.
Building a quail brooder

Quail brooder

Used chicken brooders for sale

The importance of choosing a quality broiler cage

High quality chicken cages are not easy to cause running chickens and chickens
   High quality chicken cage wire is not easy to be deformed, joint cracking
   High quality broiler cages with peace of mind
Brooder cage size

Poultry cages for sale

Brooder box for sale

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