H type broiler cage

Introduction of growing broilers in cages
The cascading broiler cage equipment cage mesh is made of high-strength Q235A high-quality steel wire drawing. The surface is treated with domestic first-class hot-dip galvanizing technology to enhance the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the cage net.

Details of Battery cage system for broilers

The cascading broiler cage equipment can realize the automatic broiler out of the cage. After the broiler reaches a certain stage, the plastic bottom plate can be pulled out, the chicken falls onto the manure belt, the faecal belt rotates to bring the chicken to one end of the chicken house, and the conveyor belt can transfer the chicken. Go outside the chicken coop.
The cascading broiler cage equipment includes an automatic feeding system, an automatic water supply system and an automatic decontamination system to lead domestic industry standards, which can automate and specialize broiler cages and improve the efficiency of broiler farming.

Features of Broiler cage for sale

1. The increase in the number of broiler cultures can be increased by 50%-100% compared with the flat culture;
2, can achieve complete separation of feces and broiler body, maintain a clean body, reduce the morbidity and mortality of broilers, improve the growth environment of broilers;
3. Reduce the activity space of broilers, energy consumption and waste of feed, and accelerate growth;
4. Facilitate grouping, gregating, and observing broilers;
5. It can guarantee that all chickens have sufficient position to drink water and forage, while ensuring uniform water supply and feeding;
6. Good water supply and food supply can ensure the healthy growth of chickens;
7, the system is relatively simple to operate, touch screen instrument panel, to achieve efficient operation;
8. The aluminum-zinc steel plate trough is sturdy, wear-resistant and has a long service life. It is used with hot-dip galvanizing or cold-galvanized profile cage to ensure the safety, firmness and corrosion resistance of the whole frame and long-term use without deformation.
9. The design of the trough is easy to clean, reduce the pollution rate of feed, and improve the effective conversion rate of feed.
Broiler cage

Broiler cage
Broiler cage

Broiler cage

Broiler cage feeding system

Automatic feeding system can realize automatic feeding and convenient operation, and the feed is evenly conveyed into the trough to reduce the waste of feed. When the loading switch is encountered during the feeding process, the loading system will automatically stop and return. It is relatively stable and has low noise during walking, which can reduce the noise and fright of the chickens. The overall structure is sturdy, can guarantee the service life of more than 15 years, and the maintenance is also convenient. The top of the equipment can be repaired directly by stepping on the trough or loading machine.
Broiler cage system cost

Parameters of Broiler cage design

Front net size: 2200 (length) * 350 (height) mm
One side 3 doors, a total of 6
Broiler cage design
Separator size: 1640 (width) * 350 (height) mm

Plastic bottom mesh specifications and advantages

Broiler cage for sale
The plastic bottom net has a depth of 854 mm, a width of 708 mm, and a thickness of 50 mm;
The benefits of using a plastic bottom net are:
1. The cleaning is simple and rapid, which can better keep the internal environment of the cage net clean and tidy, and reduce the incidence of disease in broilers.
2. Compared with the commonly used cage bottom net, the plastic bottom net can facilitate automatic chicken out, and significantly increase the utilization rate of the house area and reduce energy consumption.
3, convenient management, provide a healthy growth environment for the chickens, improve the conversion rate of feed.
Broiler cage design

Details of Growing broilers in cages

Broiler cage system in india

Battery cage system for broilers

Broiler cage

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