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How do laying hens produce eggs in winter?

Jan 04 2019

Our farmers have learned that following the cold winter, due to the temperature drop and the decline of air quality, the egg laying of our hens will decline or the production will stop. This will reduce the income of our farmers, so what should we do in the winter to make our laying hens produce […]

Hot galvanized stainless welded wire mesh layer chicken cage

Jan 03 2019

Hot-dip galvanizing means that hot-dip galvanizing (hot-dip galvanizing) is a process in which the surface is cleaned, the activated steel is immersed in liquid zinc, and the iron-zinc alloy layer is formed on the steel surface by the reaction between iron and zinc. The egg cages produced by the hot-dip galvanizing process are mainly used […]

Egg breakage factor in egg cages

Jan 02 2019

In the process of raising chickens in laying hens, the factors affecting the breakage rate of eggshells are as follows: 1. Kinds, modern breeds of laying hens, the egg production is gradually improving, and the eggshell breakage rate is also rising. In the same category, the brown shell has a lower breakage rate than the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of step cage cages

Dec 29 2018

The advantages of a stepped cage cage are: (1) The ventilation conditions are good and the natural conditions can be fully utilized, which creates conditions for improving the feeding environment of the chickens. (2) The problem of removing feces is simpler than that of squeezing, and it is also easy to solve, because chicken manure […]

Sanitary and quarantine measures for chicken houses

Dec 28 2018

First, the chicken house hygiene: chickens (circles) in the form of flat above the ground, should be sunny, ventilated, light, dry, loose and easy to move chicken. House (circle) and sports field, cleaning 1-2 times a day, usually disinfected once a month, in case of epidemics, immediate diagnosis, blockade and complete disinfection. Chicken manure and […]

Humidity density and air management for chicken brooder

Dec 27 2018

When the farmers are raising brooding, the humidity in the house and the freshness of the indoor air have a great influence on the growth of the chicks. The density of the brooding of the farmers is also closely related to the development of the brooding, so the farmers should How to control humidity and […]

Chicken cage manufacturers teach you to drink water for laying hens

Dec 26 2018

Water has a great impact on the laying rate of laying poultry. The supply of drinking water is very important, and the water supply is lacking, resulting in a decrease in egg production rate. The demand for water in poultry is generally considered to be 1 In the course of the water, the water of […]

Happy New Year 2019

Dec 25 2018

Happy New Year ! Dear colleagues and partners! We sincerely congratulate you and your entire team on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let the outgoing year leave the most light and joyful memories in your memory, and the new 2019 year, carefully preserving all the good things in the rest, will bring changes only […]

Cellular equipment for laying hens per 10,000 goal

Dec 25 2018

Cellular equipment for laying hens per 10,000 goal Cellular equipment for laying hens per 10,000 goal Type of Chickens Laying Chickens Building length 60m Building width 12m building height 3.5m common group each row of 27 sets of 81 sets Sizes of a cage 195 * 35 * 38 Cell type A type Number of […]

The focus and identification method of egg cage

Dec 24 2018

The focus and identification method of egg cage In the past two years, there have been fewer and fewer chicken farms with less than 10,000 stocks. There are more and more chicken farms in large scale. We will sort out the equipment for the large and medium chicken farms. I hope to help you. There […]