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Advantages of large-scale egg cage farming

Jan 21 2019

1. Only 5 chickens can be raised per square meter of chicken house, and 15-25 chickens can be raised in cages. Generally, the flat chicken house has a playground that is twice as large as the chicken house. Each flat chicken is 6-10 times larger than the cage. 2. In the province, the amount of […]

How long can the egg cage be used?

Jan 17 2019

A problem that many farmers care about is how many years can the egg cage be used. In fact, the age of the egg cage is linked to the usual protection and maintenance of the farmer. If you usually pay attention to protection and maintenance, the cage is completely capable. It takes about 15-20 years, […]

How to reduce the cost of laying hens

Jan 16 2019

With the development of the times, the prices of various occupations have risen sharply. The cost of feed used by the breeders to raise laying hens is also rising. Although the assistance of laying hens can save a lot of manpower and material resources, the cost of raising chickens is still coming. The higher. How […]

Feed configuration method in 3 floors battery chicken layer cage

Jan 15 2019

A single type of feed is not called a diet and is usually called a feed. Several feeds work together and the feed directly fed to the chicken is called a diet or diet. Because the nutrients contained in various single feeds are incomplete, the quantity varies greatly, and the chicken’s demand for various nutrient […]

Method for achieving nutritional balance in laying hens and raising chickens

Jan 14 2019

Egg broilers, like humans, need a reasonable amount of nutrients to grow health, egg production can be added, chicken nutrient balance can also prevent chickens from some diseases, in the laying period of laying hens, farmers want to obtain For good economic benefits, we must pay attention to timely adjusting the nutrient composition of the […]

Light management work for chickens in laying hens

Jan 11 2019

In the process of raising chickens in laying hens, whether the laying hens are still broilers, in addition to the usual disinfection of the chicken houses and the drinking water of the chickens, the most important step in the chicken raising process is about lighting. The problem. Illumination has a vital role in raising chickens. […]

Advantages of chicken cages for laying hens

Jan 10 2019

Advantages of chicken cages for laying hens Laying hen is an important breeding project with important breeding value and significance. 1. Advantages of laying hens First, the multi-layer cage raising raises the stocking density than the ground level, and the utilization rate of the chicken house is high; The second is to facilitate mechanized management, […]

The important influence of chicken feed on egg quality

Jan 09 2019

The important influence of chicken feed on egg quality (1) The effect of chicken feed on egg composition: Eggs are mainly composed of protein, fat and water, in which protein contains 11.6% protein, fat 0.18%, water 86.6%; egg yolk contains protein 16.7%, fat 31.6%, moisture 49.0%; feed on eggs in protein, fat, water The composition […]

Type 60 commercial electric cockroach chicken goose hair removal

Jan 08 2019

Type 60 commercial electric cockroach chicken goose hair removal Advantages of the hair removal machine: 1, the hair removal machine has a strong power to be better Dense gears inside the motor, the hair removal performance is more stable, the power is stronger, and the service life is longer. 2, the natural glue stick of […]

Planning and layout of large-scale farm egg cages

Jan 07 2019

When the farmer designs and constructs a large chicken farm, the process design of the large chicken farm is reasonable, which directly affects the subsequent technical management and management. Planning layout of large laying hens: Large laying hens should have five primary divisions: production area, living area, administrative area, veterinary control area, and fecal sewage […]