Vertical feed mixer

Vertical feed mixer

Introduction of Vertical feed mixer
The vertical feed mixer is lifted by the spiral stirrer to lift the material to the upper end and then to the surrounding barrel, and then enters the inner barrel from the middle cone, so that the material is sequentially circulated to the surrounding, thereby achieving the mixing effect, and is suitable for materials such as feed, dry mortar and putty powder.

Working principle of vertical feed mixer

Two asymmetric spiral rotations in the mixing barrel lift the material upwards and the arm rotates slowly; the material outside the spiral enters the stud to varying degrees, thereby achieving the continuous renewal and diffusion of the material in the full circumference, which is mentioned in the upper part. The two materials merge into the central cavity to form a downward flow of material, which complements the vacancy at the bottom, thereby forming a triple mixing effect of the convective cycle. It is divided into agitated form: vertical ribbon mixer, double screw mixer.
According to the process requirements, the cooling or heating jacket can be added outside the mixing barrel. The heating method uses circulating heat transfer oil (hot water) or electric heating heat transfer oil. The device generally adopts a plum-shaped “displacement valve”. The valve is closely attached to the bottom of the long spiral to effectively reduce the mixed dead angle. The driving form is manual and pneumatic. The butterfly valve, ball valve and star unloading can also be added according to user needs. Feeder, side discharge, etc.

Application of Vertical feed mixer

Vertical feed mixer is widely used in the mixing of chemicals, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials, rare earth powders and powders (solid-liquid). The machine has wide adaptability to the mixture material, does not cause overheating on the heat sensitive material, does not pressurize and grind the granular material, and does not cause chip separation phenomenon when the material with different specific gravity and particle size is mixed, the cone cylinder is adapted. There is no high requirement for residue in the mixture.
Vertical feed mixer

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