Leaping feeder machine

Introduction of leaping feeder machine
Automatic chicken feeders for sale is generally used on stepped cage feeding equipment, which is simple in style and cheap in cost.

Details of chicken coop feeding system

Nowadays, domestic breeding companies are all manual feeding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, low in efficiency and uneven in feeding. At the same time, dust and scattering during feeding affect personal health. The automatic feeding machine series designed by our company is based on the material used in the market. Designed with its insufficiency, its structure is reasonable, the material is sturdy, more practical, saves time and effort, and allows the farmers to liberate from the heavy labor.
The self feeding chicken feeder adopts three-phase power supply and chicken coop feeding system is equipped with leakage protection electrical appliances, which greatly improves the safety of the whole machine. It has stable walking and uniform feeding. It can be adjusted according to customer’s specific requirements, effectively improving work efficiency and reducing feed loss. The ideal equipment for breeding companies.

Components features of commercial automatic chicken feeder

The gantry loader frame is welded with rectangular steel of the automatic chicken feeder diy
1. The frame is designed by experienced engineers with reasonable structure, large carrying capacity and no deformation of structure.
2, the travel power drive has no loss, low failure rate and long life
3, stable operation, low noise, reduce the impact of noise on the chicken, improve the egg production rate
4. The walking wheel is made of high quality cast iron, which is corrosion resistant and makes the walking stable.

The unloading system uses a variable-speed motor to power
1, the implementation of any adjustment of 15-75r / min, high sensitivity and strong carrying capacity
2, the appearance is beautiful, the material is evenly distributed, and the benefits of large-scale farming are improved.
3, low noise, long life, simple operation, and stable force
Self feeding chicken feeder

Automatic chicken feeders for sale

Automatic chicken feeder system using microcontroller

Chicken coop feeding system

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