H type feeder machine

Introduction of H type feeder machine
Commercial automatic chicken feeder adopts imported electronic thyristor broadcast material.
1. The mechanical transmission runs smoothly, with low noise and long service life.
2. Automatic control of feeding and dosing process to prevent waste of feed.
3. The arched structure of the large cross-beam of the skip has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and small deformation under pressure.

Features of automatic chicken feeders for sale

Automatic poultry feeder for broiler greatly improves farming efficiency
1, saving labor costs and improving farming efficiency
2, uniform feeding, greatly improve the benefits of large-scale farming
3, easy to operate, easy to get started

Parameters of automatic chicken feeders for sale

Dimensions (length X width X height) (2.2 ~ 14) × (0.9 ~ 2.0) × (1.5 ~ 3.2)
Supporting power 0.75KW~1.5kW
Single feeder productivity ≥150 kg/h
Structural quality 600
Walking speed 10 meters
Container capacity 35~80kg/piece
Automatic chicken feeder system using microcontroller

Automatic poultry feeder for broiler

A type ladder feeder machine

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