A type ladder feeder machine

Inroduction of A type ladder feeder machine
The stepped automatic feeder is mainly composed of driving parts (traction parts), material boxes, and the like. The structural feature is that the traction drive component is installed together with the top box, and the sprocket drive the tank directly along the track to complete the feeding operation.

Features of Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding system for chickens is composed of a power system, a walking system, a lifting system and the like.
3. The walking part is composed of the transmission shaft, the traveling wheel and the steering wheel to ensure the smooth running of the feeder.
4. The lifting part adopts spiral lifting, which is simple in design, easy to use, easy to maintain, and has high working efficiency. The feeding is adjustable, and it can feed three to four layers at the same time, which is suitable for feeding of powder or pellets.
Self feeding chicken feeder

Automatic chicken feeder system using microcontroller

Commercial automatic chicken feeder

Automatic chicken feeders for sale

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