Nipple drinking system

Introduction of nipple drinking system
Because the sealing performance of the nipple type drinking fountain pipe system is good, the water is not directly exposed in the chicken house, avoiding the dust and pathogenic bacteria entering the water, eliminating the chance of water-borne diseases, and avoiding cross-infection caused by drinking water, which is beneficial to the chicken. Flock prevention and prevention of disease transmission;

Features of chicken water nipples for sale

1, all-round water (360 °) sensitivity is high;
2, installation, disassembly and cleaning is convenient, eliminating the cost of glue and bonding;
3, high durability, the materials used are imported high-grade stainless steel, high wear-resistant polyacetal resin, APS engineering materials, used properly, available for 20 years;
4, low water pressure, flow science, suitable for broilers, laying hens, breeders, pheasants, ducks, cages, flat drinking water;
5, high practicality, good quality and low price, Seiko CNC manufacturing, comparable to imported products, the price is 1/3 of imported products;
6, no water leakage, no water seepage can ensure the dryness of chicken manure. According to the test, the nipple type drinking fountain can save water by 75-80% than the water flowing through the water tank, ensuring that the water supply is sufficient and not throwing. The drinker provides clean, hygienic and sufficient drinking water with excellent quality;
7, in today’s lack of water resources, the application of poultry nipple drinkers price is of great significance;

Chakra water nipple

Nipple drinking system

Chicken water nipples for sale

Poultry nipple drinkers price

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